Indonesia-US Youth Leadership Program

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Hosting an exchange student from I-US-YLP can be an enriching experience for you and the entire family. By opening your home and heart to a student from overseas, you and your family will gain a new global perspective, fond memories, and new friendships. While their stay with you will be brief, the experience can last a lifetime.

Host families have many different faces, and are all part of the American experience. Whether or not you have children, you can be a host family. If you and your family are willing to open yourselves to new experiences and share your home and life with a fascinating teenager from Indonesia, then we want you!


Hosting is about sharing your version of the American lifestyle with the I-US-YLP student. As a host family, you’ll give your student a caring, supportive, and warm family life, helping them to understand the diversity of American experiences. You may host up to two students. When you volunteer to host an exchange student, you agree to:

  • Welcome your I-US-YLP student into your home and life (one or two students of the same gender for 10 days)
  • Be interested in teenagers/international students and have realistic expectations of what life with a teenager is like
  • Attend the I-US-YLP host family orientation event and read our preparation materials. The orientation (about 1 hour) will be held before the Indonesian students arrive in the US.
  • Be able to provide your student(s) a separate bed, suitable study area and two meals per day during the week (breakfast, dinner) and three meals per day on the weekend
  • Familiarize your student with your hometown and promote participation in local events
  • Understand the I-US-YLP policies and encourage your student to adhere to those policies

All you really need to host a I-US-YLP student is the ability and desire to share your home and open your heart to a guest family member!


As a host family, you will receive a Host Family Handbook and other orientation materials. They outline policies and procedures and provide valuable information on what to expect and how to make your exchange experience most successful.

You will be invited to a 1-hour orientation before you meet your student(s).

I-US-YLP staff will help you and your student(s) have a successful experience. We will help you if any problems arise and are available to support your family and student(s) 24 hours a day during the home-stay period.

All host family arrangements are voluntary and the I-US-YLP regrettably is unable to provide financial compensation in return for hosting a student(s).

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The students selected to participate in the I-US-YLP are highly intelligent, ambitious and adventurous. All students go through a rigorous application process, including an application form, letters of recommendation, essays, and interviews. Students are selected based on academic merit, an interest in global issues, leadership skills and community service.

I-US-YLP students…

  • are between 15-17 years old
  • represent the vast diversity of ethnic groups in Indonesia
  • are here for four weeks, from July 16- August 10
  • 10 days of which will be part of the home stay period
    from July 29-August 7
  • are carefully selected through a rigorous application process
  • participate in preparatory orientations before coming to the U.S.A./GMU
  • have their own spending money
  • have their own medical insurance
  • are not required to have English proficiency

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This program is sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State.